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Detroit, MI


Skateboard, roller skates and inline skate bearings. ABEC 9 steel and pro grade ceramic. Look no further for bearings as tough and fast as the Motor City.


The perfect balance of precision and F.U.

Mad Scientist, Joe Naylor. 

Mad Scientist, Joe Naylor. 

Fancy Swiss bearing manufacturers can learn a thing or two about how we do things in the D. Our bearings are designed and developed by legendary musical equipment engineer and inventor Joe Naylor, the man who launched the seminal brands Naylor Amps, Reverend Guitars and Railhammer guitar pickups.

When his semi-pro Rollerblader son, Luke Naylor, was looking to buy better bearings after being continuously disappointed by the quality and speed of the current offerings, Joe did what he always does - he created his own superior design that would compete to be the best bearings in their class.

With over a year of design and testing, DBC bearings are built to our custom proprietary specifications. We believe our Steels (Abec 9) and Ceramics out-perform "super r" brand bearings, and are as good or better than their swiss versions -  offering performance and durability for a reasonable price.

Look no further for bearings as tough and fast as the Motor City.