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Detroit, MI


Skateboard, roller skates and inline skate bearings. ABEC 9 steel and pro grade ceramic. Look no further for bearings as tough and fast as the Motor City.


Detroit Bearing Co rollerblading team: Luke Naylor, Brett Urbas & Luke Rappa.


Sport: Rollerblading

Years blading: 9 years

Sponsors: Detroit Bearing Co, Modern Skate & Surf, FID Shred Co, & Sic Urethane

3 bands you like: Sabbath, Pentagram, Wiz Khalifa

Hobbies: Watching movies, internet surfing, hanging out with the homies

Favorite skate spot in Detroit: Barber School Rail

Best thing about Detroit: The people for sure. Everytime I leave for school in Kalamazoo I find myself missing all the bladers out there along with Modern skatepark. Detroit has a very strong rollerblading scene.

Video: Luke Naylor FID H 264




Sport: Rollerblading

Years blading: 17 years

Sponsors: Detroit Bearing Co, Ground Control Frames, Street Urethane, Razors skates, Modern Skate Park

3 bands you like: Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, Roky Erickson

Hobbies: Music, animals, taking photos

Favorite skate spot in Detroit: Covered wall rails next to Joe Louis Arena

Best thing about Detroit: Heart and Soul

Video: G 0 N E  &  Not Cereal 3



Sport: Rollerblading

Years blading: 10 years

Sponsors: Detroit Bearing Co, Stak-N-Doe

3 bands you like: Black Sabbath, the Beatles, Wu Tang

Hobbies: Longboarding, camping, baseball

Favorite skate spot in Detroit: Capitol Park Ledges

Best thing about Detroit: The atmosphere & night life

Video: Luke Rappa 2013 Summer Edit





Sport: Rollerblading

Years blading: 12 years

Sponsors: Detroit Bearing Co, Modern Skate & Surf, & FID Shred Co

3 bands you like: Pentagram, Slayer & Nasty Savage

Hobbies: Video games, watching the Friday the 13th movies

Favorite skate spot in Detroit: Palmer Park Ledge

Best thing about Detroit: The skate spots

Video: BURNT.

Rest in peace, homie. Legends never die.